Nocnode On Board

The most powerful online shared management software for international trade operations.

Thousands of kilometers away, with different cultures, laws and values, achieving a transparent, clear and simple operation is essential. Companies of different sizes, countries and areas agree on rules of the game that are not those provided by international organizations and require documented agreements with the latest technologies that guarantee the good faith of the parties. That is why Nocnode with the Nocnode On Board module manages to document the entire operation from the beginning of the negotiation until it reaches its final destination, including logistical, financial, expert reports and the management of the different risks.


Invite your business partners to a shared management, where everyone can upload the information and documentation of the operation.


Get instant access from any device to the record of comments and corrections indicated on the information and documentation of the operation.


Keep track of the status changes that each of your operations are undergoing, in an agile and simple way.

Consolidated benefits for the organization

Elimination of extra costs

Derived from communication errors with your customers or suppliers.

Online files

Complete with all the information and updated documentation on operations, 100% in the cloud.

Staff efficiency

By eliminating work times to search and collate different versions of data.

Increase in business

As a result of an improvement in the management of your operations, which will allow you to focus on what is important.